What we do

Blackford Technology Services has one simple objective: 

To Optimise Business Development Investment by carrying out a detailed and critical review of your current sales resources, practices and methods to identify quick wins, areas needing investment and a 3 month plan to improve your return on business development resources.

An engagement with Blackford Technology Services can cover any/all of the following:


Why Us?

Companies make enormous investments in sales resources yet very few receive an acceptable return.  Securing new orders for products, solutions and services is probably the greatest challenge every Managing Director/CEO faces with no end of sales strategy consultants offering to review and write a report of what needs to be done to improve sales but offering no real follow up to implement identified actions.

Blackford Technology Services is different. Firstly we review your business development processes and resources to determine an Improvement Plan and secondly offer to implement and drive the agreed Improvement Plan with future fees linked to actual business improvements.

For a confidential discussion call/email:

Jim O'Hagan

Mobile: 07803 231175

Email: jim@blackfordtechnologyservices.co.uk

Blackford Technology Services Limited

Edinburgh EH9 2DS

Registered in Scotland No 465812


Blackford Technology Services Ltd.   -   Business Development Optimised


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